History: The Eguren Ugarte family

The Eguren family has been directly linked to vine growing since 1870, thanks to our great-great-grandfather, Victorino, Anastasio, oriundo de Bergara and chocolate trader by profession, falling in love with Estéfana and abandoning the green valleys of Guipuzcoa in the Basque Country to settle in San Vicente de la Sonsierra.
By a quirk of fate the healer, Pascasio Pangua, who cured one of the couple’s daughters, was cared for by and lived with the Eguren family during his twilight years and, to show his gratitude, left his vineyards to his adopted family in his will.

That is how the grape-producing tradition of our family, with regard to the cultivation of vines and the production of wines, started in 1870 led by Anastasio and Estéfana’s first-born, Trifón, when he married Ascensión, also a resident in San Vicente.

The third vintner generation of the Eguren family was represented by Amancio Dionisio Eguren and his wife Natalia Mendoza.

The fourth, by the parents of our “driving force and founding father”, Victorino Eguren Mendoza and Rosario Ugarte who were survived by five children: Natalia, Guillermo, Victorino, Gloria and Blanca.

Today’s generation, the fifth, and a reflection of our philosophy and winery, is embodied by Victorino Eguren Ugarte and his wife Mercedes Cendoya. The link between the tradition of our ancestors and entrepreneurship exists through marketing and the widening of our horizons.

As the sixth generation, their three children have taken the reins: Koldo, Asun and Mercedes combine tradition and an innovative and internationalised farmer spirit, quality “wine-makers” for the global market.